Professional Garage Floor Coating — Why It Makes Sense for Your Garage

You’ve probably experienced some absolutely stunning garage floors up close and personal. These stunners may include professional repair shops, auto dealerships, or even one of your neighbors’ garages.

They look simply incredible, so you’re wondering if one makes sense for your garage. To help, we’ve created a list of the top six reasons why.


  1. Adds Style and Looks Great

Hopefully you’ve looked over our garage flooring gallery. There is some awesome flooring on display there, not to mention the cars, storage cabinets, and walls. There are metallic and solid color coatings. Choose the style and the color that works just right for your garage and home.

  1. Durable and Long-Lasting

As with so many things, perfection begins with the amount and level of preparation. We actually grind the concrete to thoroughly cleanse it and to allow the coating to get right into the surface. This is a key reason you can expect it to last up to 15 years.

Here at Rhode Island Garage we offer a five-year warranty against delamination, peeling or defects in materials, not including hydrostatic moisture. The initial investment is significant—running from $2,500 to $3,500 for a two-car garage. But it ultimately saves money, lasts for years, and looks good all the while.


  1. Protect Your Garage Floor

So far, we’ve touched on looking great and lasting a long time. Now, we’ll discuss how coatings help protect your garage floor. Protection happens based on both the preparation process and the coatings themselves. Made from resin, coatings are impact-resistant but also resistant to chemicals and stains.

We take care of cracks, as well as pits in the concrete during our extensive preparation. We also use a polymer filling to smooth out the surface. This filling is then followed by a diamond tool grinding of the entire floor. All of this rachets the protection of your floor up several levels.


  1. Add Value to Your Home

Anytime you can improve your home, you’re storing up value that will pay off when it comes time to sell. Professional floor coatings can really dress up an area that’s normally on the low end of the home buying tour — the garage. It not only looks great but demonstrates that you’re a homeowner that looks after every aspect of your home. Believe us, it will add value to your home.


  1. Help Prevent Slips and Falls

It’s no fun visiting the emergency room after a particular nasty fall, yet slips and falls in the home amount to as many as one million ER visits annually. Garage floor coatings establish a stable textured surface that helps prevent you landing on your backside, or worse.

Organization of your garage can also help: moving those skateboards off the floor and stowing all your gear on racks and in cabinets. Keeping the floors clean is also a tremendous help in preventing falls.


  1. Easy Maintenance

Epoxy coatings start off with some built-in maintenance advantages including resistance to impact damage, chemicals, and stains. Given that, they naturally resist dirt and grease as well as rain and snow. They also hold up very well to the winter slush and salt that falls off your car.

Our recommended maintenance program uses regular sweeping and mopping to remove the everyday collection of crud. While a garden hose can be used to wash off the surface, mopping with hot water and four ounces of clear ammonia can further remove dirt, oil, and stains.


Overall, the benefits of professional garage floor coatings range from looking great to improving safety to adding protection to the floor to improving your home’s market value. What’s not to like?

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